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Maybe Your Mindset is the Problem

What if I told you that the way we think about our ability to achieve our goals and change our lives plays much more of a role in our achievement than doing the actual work to get to the finish line? Would you believe that our thoughts hold that much weight in our overall ability to succeed?

Guess what... Mindset Matters Most!

We talk about mindset so much, but what exactly is it? ​Mindset is your belief system when it comes to change, goals, or accomplishments. It's the way you think about your abilities in each of these areas and how these thoughts manifest change or lack of change.

Typically, you either fall into one of two mindset categories: fixed or growth. As we go through each of these, I encourage you to really think about where you fall on the spectrum and how it relates to the successes and challenges in your life.

Let's start with having a fixed mindset...

Individuals who have a fixed mindset tend to...

  • Avoid challenges

  • Believe abilities and attributes are innate

  • See failure as proof of unintelligence

  • Give up easily

  • Be threatened by the success of others

  • Often ask themselves "why should I bother?"

Alternatively, individuals who operate with a growth mindset tend to...

  • Embrace challenges

  • Believe abilities and attributes can be developed

  • View failure as a chance to grow

  • See that effort leads to success

  • Be inspired by the success of others

  • Often tell themselves "I want to keep improving."

​ ​It's important to mention that you can have a fixed mindset in some areas of your life while having a growth mindset in other areas. Hearing this, can you think of areas of your life where you see more success than others? These are probably the areas of your life where you hold a growth mindset since the research is undeniable - those who are able to manifest a growth mindset see greater success in their endeavors than those who stayed fixed in their ways. It links up with cognitive dissonance. If we want to see change, we have to grow.

Mindset has a direct relationship to your nutrition and fitness goals. Actually, it's often the missing link in most, if not all, health-related programs out there. The reason why that's a problem is that change doesn't come with a set of instructions that you can follow and then be able to maintain it. If your behaviors and mindset aren't addressed when attempting a specific change, there's a good chance that this change will not be sustainable and you'll be right back to square one when you get to the end of those instructions.

At Arrow, we make sure mindset is addressed at each step of the way to ensure our clients see long-lasting success toward their health, nutrition, and fitness goals.

If you're ready to not just tackle your fitness and nutrition goal, but also develop the tools you need to change your mindset, apply for coaching today!

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