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Client Testimonials

Any of my body building friends (or not body building too) looking for a coach! Devin with Arrow Nutrition and Training, LLC knows her stuff!

Ideally, we would have enjoyed working together 3-4 more weeks to get the exact results we were looking for but my schedule wouldn’t allow that to happen so... here we are!

Hire a coach who coaches by evidence! Science is cool! ๐Ÿงช๐Ÿ”ฌ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿป‍๐Ÿ”ฌ

-Michelle Dean

Devin really knows her stuff and is passionate about what she does. She strives to help people learn about their bodies, and what they need in order to achieve their goals. I like that she’s a strong proponent of biodiversity, and that she doesn’t want lifelong clients. I would recommend her 100x over.

I’m updating this because I have been using Devin for the past few months and I feel like what I said above doesn’t come close to what I want to say.

I started my weight loss journey a few years ago after gaining a lot of weight while PCSing. I had some success on my own, but I couldn’t get where I wanted to be. So I came to Devin telling her that I didn’t care about the scale, but wanted to change my body. She made an in-depth nutrition and training plan for me. I followed it as closely as I could, and she kept tailoring it to my body and needs as time went on. It worked is an understatement. I seen all the changes I wanted to see, feel much more confident, and have the knowledge to move forward in this lifestyle.

The success I had on my own was good, but it was a small amount of progress over large amounts of time (years). Working with Devin and having a personalized plan gave me amazing progress in a short amount of time (months). Having someone who is educated in nutrition and fitness, who takes the time to get to know your body and your goals, and then working with you to make sure you have the best possible plan to follow is light years away from going to the gym and just kind of messing around. It is a whole different level, and 100% worth it. Plus you learn so much along the way!

She has seriously changed my body, but also my outlook and habits. If you’re thinking about taking the jump, just do it. I wish I would’ve sooner.

-Shelby Dreyer, April 2019

I am extremely pleased with Devin as my nutritionist. Not only are her prices reasonable, she has tailored a nutritional program to fit my needs and has given me amazing results! She is thorough and quick to respond whenever I have any questions. She really makes you feel like you aren't going through the struggles alone. Whatever your goal is with your health she has the knowledge and passion be able to help you in reaching them.

-Alyssa Taylor, June 2018

Devin is beyond amazing. She has helped me with not only my nutrition but she has given me the confidence I need for the gym. She has worked tirelessly to make my nutrition work for me and for my health conditions. She has so much knowledge in hormone issues as well as thyroid issues. I highly recommend Devin and her services.

-Jenae Brown, March 2019

I can’t speak highly enough of Devin! She’s worked with me every step of the way to get to where I wanted to be, and beyond that she’s gifted me with a different relationship with food which is above all else most important. I’ve gained so much confidence through this whole experience, I highly recommend her!

-Haydeé Baker, December 2018

Devin is truly amazing at what she does. She is full of passion and wants to see you succeed. I told her I wanted to start lifting weights but did not know where to start, next thing I know she had a weight lifting program for me. It was not intimidating and was easy to start and I am looking forward to see the results after these 12 weeks!!!!

-Regina Ortiz, July 2018

Devin was able to tailor nutrition recommendations for me quickly and honestly. She was able to take into account my food allergy, activity level, and breastfeeding. Then Devin checked in frequently to make sure I felt confident.

-Meg Flanagan, April 2018

Let me start off by saying how passionate Devin is about nutrition & helping others out. Not just with their health but with everything in life; who doesn’t want a coach that is like that in every aspect of their life right?! 
Second, she gives an EXTREMELY thorough assessment of your needs. She makes it clear & easy to follow. I’ve been going to her with my questions about nutrition for years. HIGHLY recommend using her. I can’t wait till I see results from my plan!

-Lupe Ortiz, March 2018

If you are looking to feel better through your diet, make an appointment! With her guidance, I now have energy to make it through the day without a nap and my hormones have started to even out. All that through food, vitamins and exercise.

-Amber Kjobech, October 2017

I love how much time she took with me ! I had hundreds of questions and she answered all of them. I texted her day and night and she always responded with a smiley face at the end ! She has truly changed my life .

-Christine Gersen, October 2017