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Where is my MOTIVATION... I Just Had It!

Everyone is looking for it but it never seems to emerge when we need it the most.

MOTIVATION is great but I think we have all made the mistake of giving it a bit more credit than it deserves while also applying it in the wrong way.

Let’s breakdown motivation and see what all the hype is about.

Motivation is the DESIRE to accomplish something.

Motivation is your WHY!! It is the driving force behind any goal you set for yourself.

If motivation wasn't a thing, we wouldn’t be doing much of anything. So it makes sense why we tend to lean on it. Motivation can have us feeling excited, energized, and sometimes it can even catapult you into motion. You might do some research, make a list, purchase a gym membership. Ultimately, it is a great feeling to be motivated.

But...that my friend is the P-R-O-B-L-E-M!!

Motivation is a FEELING and feelings are fluid. ​

So getting from point A (the desire) to point B (the accomplishment) can get a bit hazy.

The DESIRE we have to accomplish something is built on the back of emotion and does not provide a solid foundation for our goals to sit on. Feelings are impacted by a variety of factors; the environment, stress load, hormones, relationships, daily interactions, nutrition, self-care...and the list goes on. Emotions are influenced by our day to day and it is hard to keep a goal on its course when we aren't “feeling” it that day and when our brain is met with the slightest amount of discomfort it will look for the easiest course of action. Our brain is programmed to do things the easiest way possible. It’s a survival tool, but it can also bite us in the ass.

So by this point you are probably thinking, “Well tell me what I need to do if motivation is not going to get the job done”.

No worries...I GOT YOU!!

​ If you want to get from point A to point B you have to implement a plan that is held up by


According to James Clear in the book Atomic Habits, “ Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement”(p.16).

​ Small habits are strengthened with repetition and are the backbone to your plan.

​ Clear adds, “The point is to master the habit of showing up”(p.163). ​

Once you master the habit of showing up you have unlocked your full potential. This gives the road map you need to accomplish any goal you have in mind. Motivation will show up and die down but the habit will remain steady if you GET IN YOUR REPS!!! ​

Look out for a future newsletter all about building foundational habits that you can implement with ease.

Coach Kayla

Assistant Coach

Arrow Nutrition and Training

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